Morgan Manor

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Copperline Partners
Project Type
Market Rate Multi-Family
Stamford, CT
42 Units, 12,000 sf Community Facilities, 140 Vehicle Parking Garage

This new building addresses the urban housing challenges common to major corporate cities: scarce building sites, a competitive rental market, and a lack of parking spaces. The program is tailor-made for a Buchanan solution. How do you fit twenty-four new apartments, amenities coveted by tenants, and enough parking for the new building and older, associated buildings nearby into a tight in fill site? The Buchanan team approached the challenge as three-dimensional sport, viewing the project as an axonometric puzzle. If the resulting solution looks self-evident, it is only because of the intense design process that occurred behind the scenes.

Every need, it turned out, could be accommodated by building to the maximum height allowed by zoning codes and with the introduction of grade changes to provide two levels of indoor parking and, above that, an elevated, private outdoor space that features a pool and tennis courts. The apartment units are arranged by type: duplex units on the upper floors and 2-bedroom flats in the interstitial spaces on the lower floors.